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You can find loads of information and movies and free charts at www.jovianarchive.com the mother site of Ra Uru Hu…
Welcome to the Introduction of the Human Design System .

In 1781 , together with Sir William Hershel ‘s discovery of the planet Uranus , a momentous event took place . The advent of the 9-centered . Centeredness is a structural aspect of evolution. Neanderthals had five centers , like modern mammals. The so-called Cro- Magnon or Gay sapiens was a creature with seven centers . We have 9 centers . We are a transitional form . ‘ Gay Sapiens in Transitus . Human Design is the knowledge of the mechanisms of the 9-centered . Since 1987, we have become increasingly aware of our nature and our extraordinary potential .

Appropriate for a new evolutionary form, the Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient exoteric and esoteric knowledge , integrated and mapped into a unique revolutionary shape , the Rave Mandala and Individual Rave BodyGraph . The Mandala is the print matrix . Even though the Rave Mandala based on the astrological wheel , so that one can trace the planets, there are 69,120 unique points of the blueprint in the Rave Mandala . The inner wheel of the Mandala is divided into the 12 astrological constellations . The outer wheel is divided into 64 segments , derived from the I Ching and its 64 Hexagrams . This structure divides the wheel in genetic potentials . In Human Design, planetary imprinting is classified according to a position in a particular port . Each position within the arch of the gate has value. A port has an arc of 5 degrees 37 minutes 30 seconds, and each port can be further divided into lines , colors , tones and bases, and offers 1080 unique and of value. Human Design is really the Science of Differentiation .

It is the Rave BodyGraph that all these possibilities into the magic of a unique individual design . The graphing is made up of centers or foci of energy / information . The centers are rooted in the Chakra System of Hinduism / Brahmanism , which mastery over form principle in the era of the creature with seven centers . The connections between the centers , which are mentioned in Human Design ‘ Channels ‘ come from the Sefirot ( Tree of Life) from the Kabbalah , and the ports at each end of a channel coming from the I Ching . It is the I Ching Ports are key – any activation or position in the wheel be converted to a place in the BodyGraph through these ports . In this way, the human design calculations one’s birth data translate to a unique BodyGraph configuration , your Rave Chart . The calculation of an individual design starts with an accurate birth time , but unlike an astrological calculation, an individual design based on two calculations .

The nine centers is a binary consciousness. In Rave Cosmology is the totality called the Biverse , the side effect of the juxtaposition of tension between Atoms and Dark Matter . According to cosmology , there were two dark matter in the early ‘ crystals ‘ that shattered and dispersed at the Big Bang : the Yin / Yang expressed by the Design and Personality Crystal . The appearance of atoms also produced Neutrinos , the most abundant of all particles . The Neutrino Ocean , produced by all living stars , is filtered through the consciousness Crystals. Every living creature has two crystals of consciousness : The Design crystal , an aspect of the original Yin , the neutrino data into the body and life – and the Personality Crystal , an aspect of the original Yang , the neutrino data in potential of self- reflective consciousness . What unites the Biverse also binds us together , and that is the third and crucial element in the structure of the nine-centered being , namely the Magnetic Monopole .

In our design , these three elements physically located at specific locations in the body. The Magnetic Monopole is located in the sternum , keeps us in the illusion of separation and gives us our direction in life . The Design Crystal is located in the skull , and the intelligence that the body operates and maintains . The Personality Crystal is located above the skull and the intelligence that we recognize as ‘ who we think we are . ” To illustrate this, you can design Crystal as the vehicle (or body ) , the Magnetic Monopole as the driver and the Personality Crystal as the passenger . One of the deepest potential in Human Design is the awakening of the passenger consciousness .

The two calculations in a Human Design chart showing the blueprint of each Crystal separately . In the Rave Chart, you see two sets of data on both sides of the BodyGraph . On the right is the Personality data in black and on the left side of the design data in red . At conception, the fetus with a crystal design which manifests itself the evolving form and a Magnetic Monopole which retains its integrity and unique destination. Only when the vehicle is ready for the Personality Crystal incarnate. This takes exactly 88 degrees of the Sun , or about three months before the birth . In a Human Design calculation is the calculation of the positions of the Sun / Earth and Moon Buttons, Moon and planets during the birth of the Personality data base , the black, ” what you think you are .” 88 degrees of motion of the Sun counting backwards in time from the moment of birth , one arrives at a point that is the basis for the second computation of planetary positions . These are the design data , the red, the body, the bio – genetic inheritance , the unconscious .

Are the two calculations are complete , and the positions of the imprinting / points indicated in the Rave Mandala , then comes the magic of a unique individual design emerges . The positions of the gates at the wheel can then be transferred to the graph itself . This is illustrated by coloring half of the channels . These data come alive in the Rave BodyGraph , which is a map . Imagine that each Center is a community , and that communities are connected by roads and tunnels . The roads in black are what is conscious and tunnels in red are what is unconscious. When centers are connected to each other, when the gates are activated at each end of a channel , a Definition is formed . One definition is that what life will be reliable and consistent .
Human Design is the Science of Differentiation . There are an infinite number of possible configurations that can be formed . In BodyGraph There are four different types Definition : Single , where there is a continuous connection , split definition , where two areas of definition are independent of each other ; triple split definition , with three separate areas, and the rare quadruple split definition , with four distinct regions Finally there are also those without definition . The most important thing is that definition , or any definition leads to the core of the Human Design knowledge and the value it has for you , as a type .
Human Design is mechanical knowledge . The mechanisms make it clear that we are a binary consciousness . The body graph clearly shows that we are a juxtaposition of two sets of data . Herein lies the dilemma and the biggest challenge of evolving creature with nine centers . We are all objects that move through the duality of ‘ this and that ‘ . Our ancestors , who had seven centers were limited to a specific awareness and relied exclusively on their mind for taking decisions. Human Design is about transforming your life by taking as yourself, and it’s not about the mind decisions. It is that type mechanical Strategy and Authority , and are not derived from your mind with its deep openness preconditioning , but your body , your vehicle, your design consciousness. This is a great experiment that Human Design. Experiment with your Strategy and Authority . Free your mind to see the beauty of your unique destination and discover. It all starts with your type .
Mechanically speaking, mankind is divided into four types: Manifestors , Generators , Projectors and Reflectors . Generators are the dominant type on this planet , with nearly 70% of the population . They are the driving life force of the planet . Their strategy is to respond , and found via this response satisfaction and avoid frustration . They have an open and enveloping aura and are here to know themselves. Projectors are around 20 % of the population . Their strategy is to wait for the Invitation , success and avoid bitterness . They have a focused and absorbing aura and are here to understand the other. Manifestors constitute about 9 % of the population . Their strategy is to provide information before acting , to find peace and avoid anger. They have a closed and defensive aura and are here to understand . Their impact on others Reflectors have no definition and slightly more than 1 % of the population . Their strategy is to wait a full lunar cycle before taking to surprising things tevinden and avoid . Disillusionment decisions They have an aura and provides resistance test and are here to see the differences.
The quality and potential of your life depends on the decisions you make and the direction in which they lead you . Look at any Rave map and you will see a definite duality between what is and what is activated and colored white and open. As humans, we are governed by the genetic imperative that we are attracted to what we are not . This genetic law that the health of the gene pool maintains drives us to conditioning . Each center has an open non -yourself strategy that directly affects the mental decision . For most people , their minds are conditioned by their openness and this disrupts their decision . Your Strategy this fundamental pitfall go out of the way .
Because we are in a binary consciousness , we are Human Design features two authorities: the inner authority of the body to determine life and the external authority of the mind to express unique consciousness . In the conditioned being that we know as the ” Non – Self” , the mind expresses both the inner and the authority. A mind absorbed in the machinations of survival will always withhold something of truth in an attempt to exercise control over its future. Control We have to be in survival consciousness. Not absorbed here You spend your life strategy in line with the correct geometry , eliminates resistance and gives your personality the great challenge of consciousness .
The most important step you can take is that you want to enter . Experiment for yourself
Discover your design and transform your life . Change the way you make decisions . Through this experiment, you’ll learn Authority Strategy and honor . It is the path to differentiation and fulfilling your life purpose .
Ra Uru Hu Love Yourself
This is a translation of the transcript of the 16 -minute film called ” Introduction to Human Design ‘ (opens in new window )

translated with the help of Agnes Eeraerts and Denys Goossens

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In 1987, the Canadian Ra Uru Hu had – formerly physics student , businessman , now in Ibiza a special experience . During the super nova 1987a he was immensely detailed scientific knowledge . Ra was very skeptical and has also been working on the system, which is now called Human Design before he came out with it . In recent years, more and more people around the world this unique logical scientific knowledge and its practical application to their daily lives .

Human Design or Design Your will be made ​​based on your birth details and includes information including the I Ching , kabbalah , chakras , genetics , biochemistry , quantum mechanics , astrology and anthropology . A calculation is made using a special computer program , and we get to see . Your Design By looking at the calculation you get a good understanding of your strengths and pitfalls and how you can get in everyday life . Profiting from For most people , the analysis is so recognizable that they do not need to know . The knowledge behind the system

If you want to dive in the knowledge you have enough reading for the rest of your life . Read certainly a bit further on this site if you ‘re curious for more background information , such as how all these sciences come together in Human Design . However, everything starts to experiment with your own design and the user inherits you during your first reading . Actually, the principle of Human Design is very simple: you are born with your unique design and that includes instructions for you to apply when making decisions . The essence of life is that we are exposed to all kinds of influences , impulses , questions that come to you and encounters. Every day It’s up to you how this is all about. Take decisions based on the needs of your environment , your family , the media, or follow your unique role in this life ? This also means that you do not need to know everything and can in this life . Live your unique life , love yourself this, that ‘s enough .

You are unique

We all have a unique role in this life . If you’re going to see that you are a radar in a larger body of humanity , and that each has to play a unique role you accept that you do not need to be everything. In fact , you can begin to see that the qualities and pitfalls that you have at home are part of the same coin : your unique . This system does not lead to ‘ Luck ‘ or ‘ Happy’ are . The sun shines every day , and that is not necessary . It is the rain or storms in our lives , or winter cold , make sure we can feed on his time or reflect on the true essences us. The human design system and the insights to you here will lead you to your unique core and from there you can live your life as correct for you . This system makes you aware and gives you many insights into yourself . If you are going to operate correctly you aware , awake and fulfills go through your unique life , live your unique path and loving yourself . Is that happiness ? Or is this more than happiness? A fulfilled life in all weathers . Rain, wind , storm , it ‘s all part of the life cycle . The point is that you learn to deal with change from your uniqueness .

How does a reading or analysis ?

If you come for a reading you get your design to see. This is your energy card or roadmap for life . On this map you can see nine energy centers that are connected by channels with each other. If the centers are colored – defined – have you here 24/7 access to this energy . These areas provide insight into how you speak from your self can act and be there to wear in the world . In reading , we will of course discuss these colored centers and channels. We will also not defined the – white – energy centers also discuss . In these open areas can greatly affect your environment and you can be seduced to operate in life . From your non-self

Let’s take the example of an open emotional center , then you react basically not from emotion . Once other people with their emotions come near this gets you extra . This allows you to think you are very emotional , but that is not the case . I always thought I was super emotional. If a friend had left an emotional issue for me, I could walk along day , while she was meanwhile finished. However, I have an undefined emotional center . All emotions come from outside straight back inside . I can notice the difference right after some days when I do a walk on the beach , all the emotional layers fall like peeling away from me , and I return to my true self , not emotional . Wonderful to notice this difference. In the open centers you may be wise . Here you can learn how emotions work and what it does to people and their guide in it for example.

Type and operating

” Wisdom lies in the unattached experience of our openness . ” ( Ra Uru Hu )

Which centers are colored determines what type you are. Do you know what type of user you are , you can be determined. Decisions In Human Design we call this your strategy based on your inner authority determine . After your first reading you’ll experiment with making decisions based on this strategy . Before we briefly discuss the different types something about our society and our people in general . We humans have a unique role and we are here together our lives and society to develop , mutate , transform . Just as in nature, there is always a cyclical growth can be observed : a beginning, a growth and bloom, a completion or end or transition to something new . Every project , every job , every idea starts somewhere ….. it will be caught by others , then it is rounded and brings back a new initiative underway . As we grow and mutate cyclically . 70% of humanity is here to work ! 8 % to initiate and the rest is here to guide and lead . Let’s see how this works by type.

The Manifestor ( 8 % ) is to initiate, take action themselves. Manifest Ears are here to live independently . Because they belong to the first , they are often misunderstood . To the anger of the manifestor . Strategy is also informed before you act . Let others know what you ‘re doing and think or talk to others about the impact of your ( possible) acting on your environment . The key question for the manifestor is : to whom I have impact?

The generator (70 % of people ) is (work ) do you give the most important satisfaction . It is important that the generator responds , reacts , what it offers life and then check whether what is offered project partner , ask etc , gives you a good feeling. This response comes from within and is composed of sounds like ‘ aha or mmm ‘ (yes ) and ” uh- uh ” ( no) . It is therefore important that the generator direct questions. If not initiate generators they go too fast , faster than life shows and often do not run things the way they want . The result is frustration and drop out. The generator is always connected with the life energy and can therefore every day tasty tired to go to bed and every morning healthy again , if he / she responds to life . The key question for a generator is : who am I to myself ? Where can I get energy and which do not ?

The Projector ( 21 % ) may be best if his / her talents by others (read the energy types as the manifesto ears and generators ) are seen , and wait for the ( formal ) invitation follows to move about. This is especially true for the four major areas of life (work , love, relationships , living ) because inside the projector can move freely in principle. The recognition of the projector will often lie in the field of lead and guide the energy types and making processes , organizations and systems smarter. However, if they do not wait for the invitation will also projectors too quickly and are not seen by the energetic generators and manifest ears and they become bitter . Waiting for the call before you make a decision , the basic strategy for a projector . However, if the projector even in the small decisions is subtle and wait for the call that will help him / her in touch with the energy types as the manifestor and generator and are thus recognized . The key question for a projector is : who is the other ? By observing the other projector can learn about coaching and lead and succeed in this.

Finally, the reflector ( 1%). With all the centers open , the reflector is very sensitive to the energy of others . Taking the time to get to their own wisdom is therefore essential , and also the greatest challenge. The key question for a reflector is : who are they ? By getting to know the area the reflector if she / he can only discover what truly private and what is not . The reflector can also conduct the environment when it has become in the open areas . Wise The strategy for a reflector is a full cycle of the moon to wait ( 28 days ) and others observe , discuss with them and feel what it does before making big decisions. Otherwise the reflector than this disappointment will prevail.

Your unique role

In short , most of us are not here to initiate ! No wonder many people waste their energy and burnout complaints or indefinable physical and / or mental / emotional problems at home get stuck . After the first reading you to experiment with your own unique strategy . For most of us this means to wait more than we are used to. For me as ( manifesting ) generator instance did this initially as an ” amputation ” and at the same time as a liberation . It also means you do not mind to take decisions but to respect the wisdom of your body . My body knows when it is hungry , thirsty , and also where it is warm for running or not . As a generator that was all I needed. My mind stubbornly tried to take over. Control And in the beginning I was going crazy the idea of ​​all those judgments , opinions and assumptions to let loose and sail on my physical wisdom , but once you experience what life offers you if you – if you follow generator response from your true self then you know what you’re doing . Just by experimenting immediately is this enormous wealth of knowledge valuable. Living from the defined centers and observe where influences of others coming into the open areas , can give. Liberating feeling I live consciously and know what gives me energy and what is not . More about my own process under Bio .

Of course, each one is unique and each one will be unique after the first reading . That makes it right for me as an analyst and lecturer HumanDesign valuable. I may transfer this valuable information in the reading and who further steps to take , I like to see in workshops or training back . For each unique person and a unique approach path . So you can also find out more about the manual of your spouse, children, family or insight into the family you grew up .

Zeina Abdo-Dubai u.a.e
I “stumbled” upon JP by pure chance, he was recommended to me by a friend and I have to admit I knew little about Human Design. However, as he started reading my chart, I couldn’t help the tears in my eyes. Tears of magic, of joy, of relieve, of gratefulness. As he spoke, it suddenly all made sense, like the pieces of a jigsaw falling effortlessly into place… as if you were finally pulling up the curtain to just look at life with fresh eyes and face with a smile whatever is coming your way. THANK YOU JP!

I also asked JP to do my children’s charts… and again, it confirmed what deep inside I had really seen and understood about both of them, but didn’t really activate, since it doesn’t really fit society. My mission is to let my children thrive, not condition them… Human Design does this…
Thank you JP!

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I have spent the day immersed in food, mostly putting aside some vegetables to ferment — each vegetable in its own jar, though mixing in some spring onions, garlic and ginger in one.

I can already see I’m eating less because there is less food available. 🙂

Right now I’m eating raw peanuts, sauteed in coconut oil with salt, hot pepper and coconut sugar. I am sticking with the one food, though I’m concerned about flavorings and if that counts as mixing. I’ll gather my questions together for our skype call. You’ve opened my eyes!