Succes Stories from Satisfied Clients

Hello Jean?

Here is my summation on my 27th day on my Human Design Diet??

All my being, from my head to my toes is pain free! My brain is clear! My face is clear! My heart is happy!

Every once in awhile I feel a pull because it is the world’s time to eat! I am not hungry at these times so I usually have some herbal tea at this time.

I am drinking lots of pure water with enzymes, colloidal silver and a pinch of salt!

I now have some berries and then a little peanut butter around 2pm which does not make me tired, so I know my blood sugar is ok with this! 2pm is 18 hours from the last time I ate and it is around 2pm when I start feeling hungry. When I was going the full 24 hours between eating, I was “racing” in my speech by the 22nd hour. Now, I stay centered all the time.

I now work my 9 hours Saturday and Sunday, then go grocery shopping, cook dinner and clean the kitchen! For the last three years of this work, I was very tired around 3, which is no longer an issue; and I almost fell asleep on my 6pm drive home, and this is totally gone; and I went to bed the minute I got home!

I have my one meal a day around 8pm. I now create amazing Vegan dinners! I am asleep by 10pm most nights. I AM beautifully digesting my food in my sleep. I am sleeping great and having good dreams. And my colon is cleansing every morning!

I am losing weight and inches and am back in clothes I never thought I would fit in again! This has totally changed my whole life for the better, at age 60!

I have found my perfect eating plan thanks to YOU, Jean! I truly appreciate you and I continue to share my transformed life with my many friends! I also share YOU and your website often❤

My entire life is shiny and new! WOW! Hear Oh Universe, I AM Grateful
Thank you Jill at 60 years of age its possible!!
Here another story from a night eater
I always knew I was a indirect light eater, meaning I felt good only when I ate in the dark of the night, or shade and rested on my food. Yet, when Jean confirmed it at the age of 42, years of conditioning had taken some toll on my consciousness, trying to fit in and eat when I shouldn’t of, just because it was the “normal thing” to do. Truth is, normal is what normal feels and I am never hungry during daylight hours, unless I have trained too hard, then I eat something in the dark and go for a rest to digest my food in my sleep. Can be a bit hard at first, but you soon get used to it because it works and feels right. I usually just stock up on liquid freshly squeezed energizing juices or smoothies during the day and eat a nice solid meal at night making sure I sleep on my food. The body knows. The mind in most cases, always lies about oneself. Thanks Human Design. Thanks Jean Philippe. Forever grateful.