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JP GOODPEOPLE has been a human design student for more than 17 years. He studied with Ra Uru Hu in 2005 at the Back to Eden event for 21 days straight, after that he has done introductions in Holland,Ibiza ,Brazil ,Hawaii,California Indonesia ,Dubai ,India Estonia and Bulgaria.


It shows you clearly how to be healthy what’s healthy for you or not and how to make decisions from your Body and not your mind! So you start to live a healthy and perfect life without any problems or struggle or mistakes or believing you need to prove yourself or stress yourself out !It’s really a coming home to yourself and your soul and shows you clearly what your mission is here on earth.Most people are not interested in their own design or self and fill themselves up with the designs of others ,than we start to make decisions and choices to get to these other places and we loose ourselves .In a session you learn how not to fall for those traps and be focussed on yourself and work with several tools to find your passion and mission and be fully into that with your body soul and heart .

The diet is so important for your brain to work and have muscle growth and babies really need that and pregnant mothers as well so the food really gets absorbed well and the brain starts to grow.The real revolution is that we can grow brains now when we follow the diet with our babies in this way the human design diet saves lives and makes shure people stay healthy and don’t get weak or have brain shut down

As a Reflector he can tell you everything about all the openness of the chart from self experience

Prices for Sessions

Adults – 100 euro´s per diet including enzyme activation and Place
Children – 75 euro´s per diet including enzyme activation and Place

Full HUMAN DESIGN Chart Reading – 200 euro’s
Type: How do you energetically interact?
Strategy: What can you do to stay with yourself?
Inner Authority: This is the most important center in your design to fall back to making decisions as yourself.
The colored centers: Your definition, the energy is consistent.
All open centers: The energy is not consistent here.
The defined channels: These are your talents.
The pitfalls in your design.
Your profile: Your natural way of behaving.
Your mission
How does your Tantra gets activated
How does money fall into your lap?


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