Welcome to the most healing diet advice thats here on the planet right now We can analyze your diet according to the day of birth and time so its very important that you know the excact time of your birth.
If you know the exact time of birth we can calculate according to the astrology where your digestion has the optimimum potential to digest and absorb all your food correctly
With the HUMANDESIGNDIET it’s not WHAT you eat but HOW .
This is very radical and revolutionairy and there is no other diets out there that can compare to this whole new body approach.
We have found out that it’s all about how you absorb the food while you eat and not the sort of foods you eat.
Would you like to know how your Baby can grow a super brain?
Would you like to finally loose the extra weight?

This and many more miracles is what the human design diet does for you.

The 12 Different Diets
Some people can only eat one thing at a time they can’t mix anything just one thing at a time, very simple, right?

Other people like to eat the same thing everyday.

Some people need to eat their food warm because they don’t produce enough heat to break down the nutrients and proteins correctly. Whilst other people need to eat their food cold because they produce too much heat.

Than we come into environment, like Calm or Nervous, where people are conditioned by their surrounding. Some like to eat in peace and pay great attention to their food, whilst others that are Nervous love to walk around with their food or multitask while eating and find it very difficult to sit at the table.

One the most difficult diets is the Night-eater, these people love to eat at night. Contrast to that are  the Day-eaters, they love eating during the day and they need to eat their last meal before the sun goes down.

Some people need to have low sound and love to eat in silence. 

What is your diet?
Are you interested in healing yourself?
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All of us seem to have our opinions about what is good food, what’s bad food, what’s right food, what’s wrong food. Ra explains the basics of the PHS (Primary Health System) and how Color determination represents the way each and every one of us is naturally determined to have precisely the right digestive process.

Eating correctly is one of the, if not the, most important things you can do for your body.